Below you can see the prices of Tykkimäki Resort
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Would you rather spend the night in a modern Glamping destination or a state-of-the-art villa? You can see the prices for different accommodation options and saunas below.

The online reservation calendar of Tykkimäki Resort will be opened during the summer of 2022.

  • Family bungalows and holiday cottages can now be booked starting at 1.6.
  • Tykkimäki Villas can now be booked starting at 1.6.
  • Meeting rooms Pavillion and Riihi can now be booked starting at 1.6.
  • Glamping Laawus can now be booked starting at 1.7.
  • Mini cottages can now be booked starting at 1.7.
  • Caravan places can now be booked starting at 1.7.
  • Tent places can now be booked starting at 1.8.
Accommodation1 night2 nightsA week (six nights)Max occupants
Villa1052 €1590 €4164 €13
Family bungalow620 €726 €1572€6
Holiday cottage - 1 bedroom515 €516 €942 €4
Holiday cottage - 2 bedrooms546 €578 €1128 €6
Glamping Laawu205 €368 €1104 €2
Minicottage Queen111 €178 €534 €2
Mini cottage Family132 €222 €666 €4
TentFrom 24 € From 48 €From 120 €
CaravanFrom 29 €From 58 €From 144 €

Tent and caravan accommodations include accommodation for one person. Added occupants: adults 7 €/ night and children 4 €/ night.

The rent for Drop spas in villas and bungalows: 160 € per visit. Price with S-Etukortti card: 130 € per visit.

We hold the right to changes. The prices may vary during different events.


The modern saunas of Tykkimäki Resort offer excellent facilities for businesses and for groups of friends.

SaunaRent / 2hExtra hourMax visitors
Panoramic sauna with Drop spa250 €50 €8
Panoramic sauna150 €50 €8
Beach sauna with smoke sauna250 €50 €12
Beach sauna150 €50 €12
Half of the beach sauna100 €50 €6

Tykkimäki Resort’s modern beach sauna has two separate saunas and they both have room for six visitors. You can rent one of the sides or the entire beach sauna.

Towels are included in all sauna rents.

Please note, that it is not allowed to bring outside food or drinks to the saunas. You can get all the necessary and tasty beverages and refreshments from Lammenranta Kitchen & Bar.


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You can try out a wide variety of different activities when visiting Tykkimäki Resort. You can see all the different options and prices from the website of Saimaan Palju.

Meetings and parties

Tykkimäki Resort is a wonderful location for meetings and different kinds of parties, big and small!

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