Book a modern and comfortable villa for your holiday trip or for a company meeting.
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Tykkimäki Resort is now open!

You can easily make individual accommodation reservations from our website or from the reception of Tykkimäki Resort. For meetings and group reservations you can contact our sales team. The different activities can be booked directly from our partner, Saimaan Palju.

Accomodation reservations

You can make a reservation from our website or by contacting the  reception of Tykkimäki Resort.

+358 10 762 4091


Meetings and groups

You can book a villa for your group or organize a meeting with the help of our sales team.

+358 10 762 4090

Lammenranta Kitchen & Bar

You can see the opening hours of Lammenranta from Raflaamo.


You can book all the different activities of Tykkimäki Resort from our partner, Saimaan Palju.

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