You can try out a great selection of different activities in Tykkimäki Resort.
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You can easily take advantage of the different bike routes of Kouvola from Tykkimäki Resort. You can rent a traditional mountain bike, a fatbike or an electric bike. There are also bikes suitable for children.


Lake Käyrälampi is a perfect starting point for your canoeing trip. There are routes for seasoned veterans but also for beginners. You can rent a canoe or a kayak right from Tykkimäki Resort.


Try out the new hit sport on the brand new courses in Tykkimäki Resort.


Float in lake Käyrälampi under the stars and let stress flow away.

Stand up paddling

Head out to the calm and clear waters of lake Käyrälampi and paddle away.


Snowshoeing is the perfect family and group activity foe the snowy season.

Forest Mind trip

A Forest Mind trip offers an opportunity to take a break and experience the surrounding nature and relax in the embrace of a Finnish forest. The trees, forest plants, wind, sun and the scents recharge your batteries and help you unwind.

During the trip, the participants will also do Forest Mind method’s exercises that promote presence, mental resources, relaxation and mind skills, which teach you to listen your body and mind. After the tour, you will feel relaxed and calm.

  • This activity is available outside snow season.
  • Available for groups of 6–16 people
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