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Below you can see the terms and conditions for accommodation, meeting, event and restaurant reservations.
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These terms and conditions apply to Tykkimäki Resort’s accommodation, meeting, event, restaurant and group reservations. The terms and conditions below apply unless otherwise agreed.

Reservation terms

Reservations can be made online, by telephone or by email.

The terms and conditions apply once the reservation has been confirmed orally, in writing or by means such as an email, and once a reservation number has been provided. The reservation confirmation includes the reservation details, reservation terms and pricing. Changes to the reservation must be made in writing to the sales or customer service.

When making a reservation, the customer must report their name, contact details, time of arrival and departure, method of payment and potentially other information related to the reservation. The person making the reservation must be at least 18 years old. We follow the data privacy practices of S Group’s hotels and restaurants. The privacy policy regarding the storage and usage of data is available at https://www.sokoshotels.fi/en/privacy-policy/customer-register.

Payment terms

The rental fee for the accommodation will be stated when the reservation is made. The accommodation reservation must be paid in full when the reservation is made. If the reservation is made through customer services over four (4) months before the beginning of accommodation, the accommodation reservation will be charged two (2) months before the beginning of accommodation.

Camping accommodation, meaning tent and caravan spots, can also be paid upon arrival at the accommodation site. Online reservations must be guaranteed by credit card details.

Paying by invoice is only possible for business customers, provided the company has a valid credit sales agreement with the Kymi Region Cooperative Society. Invoicing is subject to the currently valid invoicing surcharge, charged per invoice. All rights to changes are reserved. If necessary, Tykkimäki Resort can make an advance payment invoice for part or all of the reservation. If a partial or full advance payment invoice is agreed on, and the invoice is not paid by the due date, Tykkimäki Resort has the right to cancel the reservation.

A group will always receive a group invoice = 1 invoice, and its payment terms may be separately agreed, if necessary. The person making the reservation is responsible for all costs, unless otherwise agreed in writing.


The pricing of events and meetings is always agreed case-by-case. Tykkimäki Resort reserves the right to price changes, provided that they are based on changes in legislation or public payments imposed by the authorities during future agreement periods. The person making the reservation will be notified of such changes separately and in writing. We also reserve the right to price changes if the reservation changes (dates, duration of reservation, number of people, facilities or accommodations). The prices do not include a commission unless otherwise specified in the confirmation.

Basic terms of accommodation

The accommodation reservation can be cancelled free of charge at least 14 days before the beginning of accommodation. For cancellations made less than 14 days before the beginning of accommodation, we will charge the full amount.

The reservation at campaign price can neither be changed nor cancelled. The amount is non-refundable.

Camping accommodation, meaning tent and caravan spots, can be cancelled free of charge by noon on the day of arrival at the latest.

If the customer arrives later, leaves before the agreed time or fails to arrive entirely, Tykkimäki Resort will charge the full amount. Tykkimäki Resort has the right to full compensation for all services and products ordered in advance. This also applies to services ordered through subcontracting.

Cancellation terms of restaurant and meeting services

For reservations of restaurant and meeting services, cancellations and changes can be made at no charge for the original confirmed number of people as follows:

1-40 participants41-100 participants
100% of the reservation14 days prior to the event49 days prior to the event
50% of the reservation10 days prior to the event14 days prior to the event
25% of the reservation7 days prior to the event7 days prior to the event
10% of the reservation4 days prior to the event4 days prior to the event

The terms and costs for cancellation of events for more than 100 people are subject to a separate agreement if necessary. If no other terms are applicable, reservations for more than 100 people will be subject to the same terms as those for 41-100 people.

Participant = Person participating in the meeting or restaurant reservation.

The reservation’s price is determined according to the confirmed number of participants. If the actual number of participants is greater than the confirmed number, the price is determined according to the actual number.

During the accommodation or event

The accommodation site is available for use from 4 pm on the day of arrival, and the accommodation must be returned by noon on the day of departure. The keys of the premises can be picked up at the Tykkimäki Resort reception when it is open. You can check the reception’s opening hours on the Contact-page of this site. If you arrive outside of these opening hours, please notify the reception of your arrival time by noon on the day of arrival at the latest. We provide separate instructions for picking up the keys.

The accommodation key must be picked up by the person who made the reservation, or another person separately authorised by them in advance and at least 18 years old. When picking up the keys, you must present the reservation number, receipt of payment and personal identification.

Final cleaning is included in the accommodation’s rental fee. However, the accommodation must be in reasonably good order; furniture and equipment must be intact and in their proper places, and rubbish must be in the recycling containers reserved for them. In accommodations including dishes, the dishes must be placed in the dishwasher, and the dishwasher must be turned on before leaving. The yard area of the accommodation must also be in good order. For accommodations in unreasonable disorder, the necessary cleaning expenses will be charged. Please note, that the minimum payment is 50 € per every new hour.

If a hot tub has been reserved for the accommodation, separate instructions for its use must be followed.

The rental fee includes the right to use the rented facilities for the time and number of people agreed in advance. The rental fee also includes the use of furniture, appliances and fittings listed in the rental description, as well as normal and reasonable utility costs, such as water and electricity. Facilities with a fireplace have a reasonable amount of firewood available. Bed linen and towels are included in the rental fee for the number of people stated in the reservation. Tykkimäki Villas, Family Bungalows and Holiday Cottages have reasonable amounts of toilet paper, paper towels and dishwashing detergent and multi-purpose detergent. Detailed lists of fittings can be found in the rental descriptions.

The maximum number of people allowed in the rented facilities is stated in the rental description. Camping in a tent or recreational vehicle in the yard area of the rented facility is prohibited.

The general quiet hours in the area are 11 pm–6 am, during which making noise is strictly prohibited.

To ensure the safety of our customers and personnel, only the people checked in as guests at the accommodation are allowed to be at the accommodation between 10 pm and 7 am.

The person who made the reservation is responsible for their event not causing undue disturbance to the other tenants in the area. Possible disturbance should be reported to Tykkimäki Resort personnel. The general emergency number is 112.

Tykkimäki Resort has the right to suspend an accommodation or event if the customers or guests cause disturbances, are in substantial breach of the terms and conditions, or otherwise disrupt other activities or endanger the reputation or safety of the area. In the event of suspension, the rented facility or accommodation must be immediately returned, and the customer does not have the right to request a refund of any advance payments made.

Smoking and pets

Smoking is prohibited in all of the resort’s indoor areas. Pets are welcome at some of the accommodations. More information can be found in the accommodations’ rental descriptions on our website. We charge a separate pet charge, which will be confirmed at the time of booking. Pets can be accommodated free of charge at the camping area, meaning the tent and caravan spots. Please note that pets must stay on a leash while in the resort area. Smoking or unpermitted pet stays result in a charge of at least one day’s rental fee and a separate fee for the washing of textiles

Duty to provide passenger information

In accordance with the Act on Accommodation and Food Service Operations, customers must complete a passenger card. The passenger card must be completed at check-in. The customer is responsible for the information being correct and filled out in accordance with the passenger card. Neglecting the duty to provide information or providing false information results in the statutory penalties defined in the Criminal Code of Finland.

Package travel and combinations of travel services

Package travel means a trip with a single total price including at least two travel services: accommodation and an additional service, such as an activity reservation. A combination of travel services constitutes package travel in accordance with Directive (EU) 2015/2302. For this reason, all the EU rights concerning package travel apply. Tykkimäki Resort is fully responsible for the proper performance of the entire travel package.

Travellers may transfer their rights arising from the package travel contract to another person by giving sufficient advance notice and possibly against an additional fee, unless otherwise stated in the terms and conditions for the package travel contract. At any time before the beginning of their package travel contract, travellers may cancel the contract against an appropriate and justified cancellation fee. Travellers also have the right to cancel their package travel contract before its beginning without a cancellation fee under exceptional circumstances, such as severe safety problems in the destination that are likely to have an effect on the package travel contract.

If a significant part of the package travel contract cannot be implemented as agreed after the beginning of the contract, the traveller must be provided with alternative travel arrangements without any additional fees. Travellers are entitled to cancel the contract without a cancellation fee if the services are not provided in

accordance with the contract and this has a significant effect on the implementation of the package travel contract and the organiser does not rectify the problem.

In addition, travellers are entitled to a discount and/or damages if travel services are not provided or are provided incorrectly. The organiser must provide help if the traveller is in difficulty.

Linked travel arrangements

When you book additional travel services for your trip or holiday after choosing and paying for your accommodation, the rights related to travel package contracts in accordance with Directive (EU) 2015/2302 will not apply to you. As such, Tykkimäki Resort is not responsible for the proper performance of individual travel services. In the event of problems, contact the relevant service provider.

However, if you book additional travel services during your visit through the Tykkimäki Resort reservation website, such travel services will be regarded as linked travel arrangements. In such an event, we are required by the EU legislation to secure protection to enable us to return your payments with regard to services that cannot be provided due to the operator of the business having become insolvent. However, the payments will not be returned if the service provider becomes insolvent.

The customer’s responsibilities

The customer shall ensure the rented facilities and furniture are not damaged. The customer is liable for any damage to the building or its movable property caused by the customer’s equipment, staff, performers or the participants of the meeting. The customer is responsible for any equipment and movable property they bring to the area. The customer agrees to comply with the instructions issued by staff regarding the rented facilities and the use of furniture and equipment.

Service provider’s responsibilities

Tykkimäki Resort provides services through its partners Saimaan Palju and Lautta Oy. Third party service providers are independently responsible for all damage, disturbance and costs that their operations cause to customers.

Force majeure

Neither Tykkimäki Resort nor the customer is liable for neglecting their contractual obligations where such neglect is caused by a force majeure event. A force majeure event is defined as an event that prevents or unduly complicates the fulfilling of obligations within the time determined for them. Force majeure events include war; rebellion; pandemic; epidemic; natural disaster; general disruption of energy distribution or traffic; disruptions in general data traffic connections; labour action; fire; substantial restriction placed by an official; or other significant, unusual and unpredictable reason unrelated to the contracting party. The service provider is also not liable for its subcontractors’ mistakes or delays that are caused by force majeure events. We will notify customers of force majeure events as soon as possible after learning about them ourselves.

We recommend purchasing insurance to provide coverage in case of sudden accidents or illnesses. Changes in weather conditions do not affect the cancellation terms, excluding activity services that cannot be organised due to weather conditions.

Special arrangements

In case special permission, programme, orchestra, decorations or unusual technical equipment are needed for the event, the client agrees to carry the expenses for them. Special arrangements must be agreed on in advance with our sales service.

Possible renovations of facilities

If Tykkimäki Resort agrees on the renovation or repair of its facilities after signing this contract, Tykkimäki Resort agrees to notify customers of such a renovation or repair in writing within a reasonable amount of time.

A renovation or repair project of the hotel does not constitute grounds for terminating the contract, unless otherwise agreed by the contracting parties.

Transfer of agreement

The customer is not entitled to transfer the agreement or hand over the rented premises to a third party without the consent of the hotel or restaurant.

Company information

Kymen Seudun Osuuskauppa 2467766–5. Business unit: Tykkimäki Resort

Contact information: Käyrälammentie 20, 45200 Kouvola, Finland. tykkimaki.resort@sok.fi

Provided goods and services: Accomodation sevices (cottages, caravan accomodation, tentspots), restaurant services

Terms and conditions are above.