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Tykkimäki Resort is located right next to lake Käyrälampi. Käyrälampi is located close to the city center of Kouvola, just a few kilometers away. Kouvola itself is known for the convenient location of the city and the trip from Helsinki takes just over an hour. You can easily reach Tykkimäki Resort with your own car from all directions.

Area map

You can see the map of Tykkimäki Resort below.


You'll find the reception of Tykkimäki Resort from the same building as Lammenranta Kitchen & Bar.

Service buildings

When staying in the area, you can use the modern and comfortable service buildings, that have showers and modern kitchens.


You can the option to try out a wide variety of different activities at Tykkimäki Resort


Lammenranta Kitchen & Bar is open year around and it's located conviniently at Tykkimäki Resort

Arriving to Tykkimäki Resort

Street address: Käyrälammentie 22, 45200 Kouvola.

With a car

Tykkimäki Resort is easy and hassle-free to arrive in your own car, whether you arrive from any direction. Along the highways you will find good signs for Tykkimäki Resort as well as the amusement and waterpark.

You can read Tykkimäki Resort's area map in advance below. You can park your car in the immediate vicinity of your cottage.

By train

Kouvola is known for its convenient location and you can easily get to the city center with a train from all over Finland. The trip from Helsinki takes just over an hour.

You can see the train shedules below.

By bus

You can get to Käyrälampi and Tykkimäki Resort easily with a bus during the summer season. You can see the local bus schedules below.

By bike

Tykkimäki Resort is located just a few kilometers away from the city center of Kouvola. You can get to Tykkimäki Resort with a bike in 15 minutes.

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